Stef's Endorsements & Testimonials


Wake County Democratic Party (news release)

Raleigh Wake Citizens Association (RWCA) (news release)

NC AFL-CIO (news release)

NC Police Benevolent Association (PBA) (news release | Facebook)

Wake County Voter Education Coalition

INDY Week (news release | article)



We need people on the Council that understand unchecked development isn't the best path – JG 

I know you'll do a great job on the Council – PS

I think this is just terrific –  BP

I have great faith in you and have been following you for more than a year. When I saw your editorial last year I passed it on to some friends with the comment that I wish you would run. – GW

We appreciate all the hard work you have already done working on behalf of our neighborhood – DP

I am very happy you are running for office; returning some humanity to our politics has to start locally. – SB

I appreciate your indefatigable work to keep our district informed and focused. – BC

We need a strong voice for neighborhoods at City Council – AG

 So happy there are people like you who are willing and able to stand up and do what's right -- JH

You've never done anything half-heartedly—RK

I feel we've all seen the impact of electing real estate developers into seats of the city council. I try to keep in mind not just what people like Stefanie *can* do, but what people like Gaylord *are* doing. – CE

 District E will be incredibly well served by Stef Mendell on Raleigh's City Council. I reported to her for several years in my last job and can assure you that she will focus laser-like on the kind of growth that makes Raleigh increasingly vibrant while also protecting quality of life in our neighborhoods -- RK

I wish you well.  We need you – AD

I am encouraged to know that good people are not scared away by the current political climate and know you will be amazing! – WH

You will serve Raleigh so well.  You are a great civic leader already.  It is a natural progression for you to hold office. - SM

I feel very strongly that the political system is the best way to impact the most people, and you have the persistence, intellect, judgment and heart to do so much good, and to prevent harmful actions or inactions. - JH

Stefanie Mendell was at Vital Signs in Southeast Raleigh and she made the fact known. No one in SE Raleigh could vote for her, but she understands that once elected, she would be working 'with' all the other Districts. This is a much appreciated sentiment in District C where we don't think her incumbent opponent has expressed any interest in a one city, one Raleigh, many neighborhoods idea. You guys have a great potential counselor. Vote her in! - MH

I think that you are the only person I know who walks her talk! - MS