2019 Endorsements



Proudly endorsed by:

Equality NC
Sierra Club
AFL-CIO - Triangle Labor Council
Raleigh Police Protective Association
Raleigh Professional Firefighters Association
Police Benevolent Association
Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association
Wake County Democratic Party
Wake County Voter Education Coalition



“I'm grateful for the way you have taken my suggestions to make it easier for citizens who can't attend meetings to still be informed and giving input. Thank you for that and good luck in your campaign.” -FB

"Thanks for your work to create solutions through negotiations and crafting compromise." — ML

"Stef communicates with her constituents and asks for our opinions, more often and better than any city councilor I’ve had since moving to Raleigh in 1983.  In the past, I never heard a word from any of them after they were elected."

— BK

“I just want to thank you for the incredible job you are doing on the council. Your passion for the issues you have been addressing - particularly in restoring some sanity to the city development (and overdevelopment) operations are just amazing.  I trust you so much in preserving what is best for our city while still allowing reasonable changes. I have never seen this level of interaction and detail in any prior council members.  I am so glad that we elected you - keep up the good work." – CR

"I don’t always agree with @stef4council BUT she does make quite an effort to respond to questions. Stef, thank you for making yourself available to your constituents." – PT

"The time I’ve contacted her she responded quickly and took care of my issue. I’ve never met her and she doesn’t know me from Adam. I’ve also seen her respond quickly to supporters and critics alike on Facebook." – MF

"I am happy to have city councilors as yourself who are willing to engage a broad constituency and while I don't agree with you on everything, I believe you have the best interest of the city in mind." – DB

"As far as I know, no one else on the Council is doing or has ever done what you are doing in your effort to communicate to the entire Raleigh community what is happening at the Council. Thank you for doing what is really important." – JA

"I really appreciate your reports on council meetings as well as your prompt and thoughtful replies when I have written you." – JG

"Your updates and conscientious attention to the issues since you were elected are heartening. There is hope for responsible representation for citizens. Thank you for the time and energy you are putting into your office." – RH

"You are doing an amazing job as a councilperson." – SE

"You are going to give government representatives a good name! No one has ever responded to me as quickly as you do." – CM

"I had heard that you were a breath of fresh air in the hallowed halls of our city government, and it appears my source was right!" – SH