Why I'm Running

It’s time to put neighborhoods first and to give residents a stronger voice at City Hall.

That’s why I’m running for City Council in District E.

I have lived in Raleigh since 1964. I have seen considerable change in our city. I welcome progress, innovation, and growth. However, I also believe that growth comes with responsibilities.

For the past few years, I have been a neighborhood advocate with local government. I regularly attend City Council meetings and Planning Commission meetings to advocate for and testify about the protection of our neighborhoods from incompatible development, storm water runoff, and other challenges to our quality of life. I have also spoken out about the need to improve opportunities for citizen engagement while strengthening the role of the Citizens Advisory Councils (CACs).

We enjoy many advantages as a result of Raleigh's growth and prosperity, but we must balance neighborhood concerns with good development practices. Development in our neighborhoods needs to be proportional to the neighborhood itself. Responsible development honors the character and history of the neighborhood, and enhances neighbors' abilities to enjoy their own properties. Developers and neighborhoods don't have to have an adversarial relationship. I will work to ensure a win/win outcome for all.

District E residents deserve responsive representation. I am running to make it easier for you and your neighbors to have a voice in city decisions. Raleigh needs to continue growing in a way that is sustainable over the long haul -- not just long enough to enrich a few.

Election Day is October 10, 2017; early voting starts September 21. I would be honored to have your vote.